News: Junbesi Health Camp 2014

Junbesi Health Camp

An Australian medical team volunteered their time for the 2014 Junbesi health camp at the Kushudebu Public Health Mission, Nepal.

Dr Will King with assistants Katy Nicholls and Fiona Paton at the 2014 Junbesi Health Camp, Nepal

An Australian medical team comprising a general practitioner, geriatrician, radiologist, orthopaedic surgeon, dentist, physiotherapist, two pharmacists, two nurses and a number of assistants, volunteered their time for the 2014 Junbesi Health Camp at the Kushudebu Public Health Mission, Nepal. The team was well complemented by a Nepalese contingent of doctors, nurses, laboratory technicians and interpreters, including Ang Sherpa, the founding father of the Kushudebu Public Health Mission.

Over the course of 3 days, the team supplied over 1000 courses of medication to 350 patients of all ages, with over 70 patients seen by Dr Will King for dental procedures. The medical team was also able to run simple blood tests and utilize the basic X-ray and ultrasound scanning equipment. Common conditions treated included dermatitis, gastritis, osteoarthritis (from carrying heavy loads up and down mountain paths), poor oral health (caused by a high intake of sugary tea and sweets), and irritated eyes (due to a lack of chimneys in houses preventing proper ventilation of smoke from open wood fires). Consequently, to raise awareness and reduce the occurrence of such problems, future trips will include health education programs, such as outlining basic dietary and hygiene principles, joint protection and good oral health practices.

If you would like to take part in future trips, wish to donate to the Kushudebu Public Health Mission, or would simply like more information, please contact Dr Sally Nobbs (

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